Recovered from near death by sickle cell

Sickle cell

In the west sickle cell makes life difficult and can shorten life itself. It is helped by medicines and hospitals, and there is a great support from support groups. Nonetheless it’s quite a struggle to live with sickle-cell, it can hinder education and work. In Africa it’s much more difficult to live with because of the lack of medical facilities, and life might end in childhood. The extra help we are talking about here can make living with sickle cell significantly easier.

Homeopathy and sickle cell

Recovered from near death by source resonances for sickle cell

Homeopathic medicine, which is used worldwide, has an outstanding record in helping people with many conditions, and recent advances beyond homeopathic medicine called source resonances have made this even more possible with sickle cell. This boy here got much better as did this young woman, both had sickle cell from ‘birth’. You can read more in Sickle Cell Evidence on this site.

Living a much better life after source resonances for sickle cell








New Sickle Cell online support

As one of the pioneers of this new method, I have set up online support offering extra help for sickle-cell sufferers. It’s complementary and likely to be enhancing to whatever you  are doing already and its even likely to make your present management of the disease more effective. You don’t have to stop anything you are doing and any support you are getting, in fact the opposite, you carry on exactly as before, but add this in. You should find you need less medical support because you get fewer problems, life gets easier, so this becomes a win-win situation.

How to start

If you are interested, you ask me for my questionnaire, you complete it and send it back to me as a pin protected confidential email, and then we talk on the phone or Skype, and you can decide if you want to proceed. Everything up to this point is free. To proceed you then pay my fee, and we fix an appointment time to fit our time zones.
There’s a lot more information on this website.


Email me at  and ask for the questionnaire.

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