Research team with left to rifgt, medical statistician, Dr Klaus Schustereder Evav Schusterarder. Prime Minister, Dr Harry van der Zee, Minister of health

In this short video, a mother tells how PC (Peter Chappell) remedies have helped her two children with sickle cell:

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Homeopathy Links Article Excerpts
An International journal of homeopathy called Homeopathic Links, is a Journal that has been in circulation for 25 years or more, and published an article in June this year about the successful use of source resonances and sickle-cell anaemia/SCD.

I can send a copy on request.
Part of article is reproduced below. I left out below technical information on sickle cell which you can search for in many places and edited it a little.
Source Resonances SR abbreviated were originally call PC (Peter Chappell) Remedies.
Selected Excerpts from the article are given below.




Treating Sickle Cell Disease in Africa
Benta Achieng1 Elton Akpabio2 Joseph Ndebo Balikwisha3 Monica Atieno Omondi1
Yuanita Hongo1 Peter Chappell4 Harry van der Zee5
1Kenya 2Nigeria 3Democratic Republic of Congo 4United Kingdom 5 The Netherlands
Homoepathic Links 2018;31(2):120–126.

Evan walking to school

Evans by Harry van der Zee
In April 2013, I received an email message from a concerned mother in Kenya. It was about her 3-year-old son Evans. He was born with sickle cell disease (SCD), which caused him a lot of suffering. Besides his lack of stamina due to low levels of red blood cells, he suffered from pains and swelling of his legs, which made him cry a lot. Your child suffering from horrible pains while there is nothing you can do is a nightmare for every parent. It renders you powerless and desperate. With SCD, crises of acute pain can occur on a weekly basis. So, little Evens and his mum were having a very hard time. One of the Kenyan volunteers I was working with had referred Evans’ mum to me. But, I was not in Africa at the time, so what was to be done?

Disease-Specific Remedies for Africa
Let me give a short history of why I could have been in Africa?
Since 2004 I have been witnessing the amazing results in AIDS patients with a remedy called SR1. I have been traveling to Africa regularly to treat epidemic diseases and relieve trauma. Based on the work that Peter Chappell started in Ethiopia in 2001, several protocols have been developed based on the disease-specific homeopathic like resonances that were facilitated by Peter.  In 2007, this resulted in the founding of the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF; see

Research team with left to rifgt, medical statistician, Dr Klaus Schustereder Evav Schusterarder. Prime Minister, Dr Harry van der Zee, Minister of health
Research team for HIV with left to right medical statistician, Reiner Schnieder PhD, Dr Klaus Schustereder Eva Schustereder. (Both Homeopaths) Prime Minister, Dr Harry van der Zee, Minister of Health

The treatment of HIV/AIDS, the treatment and prevention of malaria, and the relief of (collective) trauma have been the main targets of ARHF. The scope of the training and treatment ARHF makes available in Africa is much wider though. Dozens of these SR Resonances are being used by hundreds of Africans that have been trained by ARHF volunteers throughout the years. Conditions like AIDS, malaria, and also TB, hepatitis, gonorrhoea, syphilis et cetera are treated successfully and are showing reliable results.
Besides the SRs for epidemic and infectious diseases, and those for trauma (e.g. war and genocide, rape, natural catastrophe), SR Resonances for chronic diseases have also been developed and used with success in Africa (e.g. diabetes and hypertension). And as it goes, there are always patients presenting new conditions for which treatment is asked. Little Evans was one of them.


Back to Evans
As sickle cell anaemia is related to a history of malaria in the ancestors, his treatment started with SR Malaria, the general malaria resonance. It was available near where Evans lived, so he could be started with that immediately. In the meantime, a new SR resonance for SCD was made by Peter Chappell, further prepared by Hahnemann Pharmacy in the Netherlands and mailed to Evans’ mum with urgency.
In July 2013, his mother writes: ‘Baby Evans has been so good; good appetite and at least there is an improvement because from his eyes I can see he has not too low blood like he used to have’



Evan 6 months later

On the first day of 2014, his mother sends a picture of Evans and says, ‘Evans is doing very fine’. His pains have subsided and his haemoglobin that could be as low as 3.2 g/dL has gone up to a completely normal 9.2 g/dL.

From very regular acute crises involving a lot of suffering,to hardly any pains and normal haemoglobin is a dramatic improvement and a relief for the mother and the child.

More Case Reports on SR Sickle Cell
As the case with Evans indicated, it is possible to treat SCD with a disease-specific remedy for it. To be able to advice and prescribe this remedy/resonance with confidence, more feedback from treated cases was needed. The reports below are from people who have been trained by the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation and apply SR resonances to the benefit of the people in their region.


Report from Kenya in 2014 by Benta Achieng
I am Celestine A.O. I am mother to two kids with sickle cell. They are doing well after  SR Sickle cell. Before SR Sickle cell they were sick. They had joint pain, yellow eyes, yellow urine; they had problems with their stool, they had no strength. They had a lot of pains, both of them. Now they are doing well. They are now doing fine; no more symptoms.

Report from Congo in 2015 by Joseph Ndebo Balikwisha
Since several months, we are treating the sickle cell anaemia with SR sickle cell. In nine cases that we followed up, there is a very meaningful progress. Their health improves and the crises disappear.

Dr. Kapinga in Goma treated two cases. He saw the rate of haemoglobin increase from 5 to mm11 g/dL.

Patient Comments
As proof of the efficiency of this remedy, some parents go as far as telling me that, if one day we can’t provide this remedy to their children, they will sue us.
A soldier of the Congolese army who came back from the front line to Beni passed directly by my office to inquire about the product that relieved his daughter and saved her life. He and his wife had lost their two eldest children because of the illness.

In Uganda, all four cases of SCD that are under treatment of SR sickle cell evolve well.

Since 2010 to 2014, we treated 15-year-old Miss B.M. without success for SCD. Tests showed that 100% of her red blood cells had the abnormal sickle cell structure. Her haemoglobin was 8.2 g/dL and the white blood cells were 28.400/mm3 (normal: 4–10.000).
After 8 months of treatment with SR Sickle Cell, she presented with 95% of abnormal cell structure (5% of cells became normal) with a haemoglobin rate of 10.2 g/dL and the white blood cells equivalent to 9.700/mm3. It is a very meaningful progress.

Report from Kenya in 2015 by Yuanita Hongo, Clinician
I visited a sickle cell client in hospital  who improved so well with a haemoglobin level that went up from 3 to 8.1 g/dL.

Patient MA in hospital

Patient: ‘I’m M.A. I’m 27 years old by now. I’m born in a family of 5. I’m the 3rd born. We used to be 6, but then we lost our 1st born because of sickle cell disease. I was diagnosed of sickle cell disease when I was 8 months old; that was when I was very, very young. So, it has been a challenge living with the sickle cell disease, because most of the time, I’m admitted, I stay at the hospital. And when the crisis comes, when the attack comes, you feel like it’s a no-go zone because of the pain. The pain is very, very severe; fever, there’s dehydration, you have to be transfused. And at times, the challenge I normally get is that there is no blood in the hospital when I’m admitted. Because I’m blood group A- positive, and at times that A-positive is not in the hospital. So before even transfusion itself, I feel so bad because of the joint pains, the fever, the headache, and the pain is very, very severe. Actually, it has not been easy for me, even at my workplace, because of my condition. Even when I was at school, it was not very, very easy for me, because I had to move in and out, in and out. But then, a few months earlier, that was in the month of July 2015, my supervisor came with a drug called SR. And she introduced me to the drug, the SR Malaria and the SR Sickle cell. So, I’ve been taking SR Malaria and SR Sickle cell, and at least I can say I have improved, because my haemoglobin has never gone down again and the pain has not been very, very severe, like it was before. And since then, I can say that, I’ve never had that attack, that crisis. I’m very grateful and I’d wish that they continue bringing us the drug so that we can live a long and better life. Thank you’


Yuanita Hongo: ‘Yes. I’m a clinician, and M.A. is my client, my patient. She has been having sickle cell disease for long. Recently, she was in the ward, but before that, her haemoglobin level was 3 g/dL, but after being admitted in the ward, it didn’t improve, so I came up with the remedy SR Sickle cell, which I introduced to her. She has been taking SR Sickle cell and SR Malaria, and currently, she has really improved. Her haemoglobin level is 8.1 g/dL, and her general condition, as you can see, has really improved. The pains have reduced; no more headache, no more fever; abdominal pain and joint pain, very, very minimal. Therefore, I feel that the SR resonance for sickle cell actually is working for her, and she is continuing taking the SR Resonance as we sit now’.

Another ‘sickler’, a boy called J. has not had major crisis since I gave SR sickle cell in February 2015. He joined Maseno University on 5 September 2015 for a degree course.

Mighty Ray after escaping death and recovered

Mighty Ray—Report from Nigeria (2015–2017) by Dr. Elton Akpabio, Homeopathic Physician
On Saturday, 11 July 2015, a single mother brought her little son of 4 years old by name ‘R.’ to me for a case of sickle cell anaemia. The situation was very acute and she thought the little R. was going to die. I thought the same. I prepared SR Sickle Cell in a 75cl bottle water and gave to the mother (Ms. W.). I instructed her to do vigorous succussion and give to the boy as many times as possible in a day since the situation was very acute. He was close to death. The extreme high fever with deep seating excruciating pains along with complete prostration defied all initially given medications.
But surprisingly, she called me today and told me that the boy is alive. The fever has gone and the pain has reduced to a bearable standard.
I want the boy to continue with the remedy for 30 days after which we will examine the haemoglobin level under microscope. Then I will send my report.


January 2016
It is my great pleasure to welcome you and the entire team of ARHF into 2016. Yesterday, our Amma4africa—Nigeria office —was full to capacity as we celebrated the successful case of sickle cell anaemia of a 4-year-old boy R. that I wrote to you before.
Master R. lives with his single mother Ms. W. The sickle cell condition of master R. broke the marriage of his parents leaving R. in the care of his jobless single mother. The agony of a single mother taking care of a sickle cell boy subjected her into terrible humiliating conditions. She was referred to me last year by a pharmacist friend who has been assisting in some medications when there was a health crisis with little R.
R. has been able to stay healthy without a single health crisis for 90 days. This is an incredible and a remarkable result because he used to experience health crises almost at weekly basis before. Yesterday we celebrated with him.
We received report from Bela Medical Laboratory. His current haemoglobin is 4.6 mmol/L while the PCV (packed cell volume) is 14% (normal 1⁄4 31–44%). The initial report before the commencement of SR sickle cell was haemoglobin of 3.1 mmol/L and PCV of 10%. The result is not as impressive as I thought and we are very surprised that this improvement has been enough to prevent any crisis for 3 months—what a miracle! A reason could be that this is the peak period of mosquito bites and a recent bout of malaria could have caused a dip in his haemoglobin. It may also be an indication that SR sickle cell goes far beyond mere increases of physical haemoglobin and PCV into the dynamics of sustaining life regardless of the level of haemoglobin and PCV.
My next line of treatment is to combine SR sickle cell and SR malaria at intermittent rate for optimum result.

December 2017
The combination of SR sickle cell with  SR malaria has really proven wonders in the life of boy ‘R.’— fondly called Mighty Ray. On Friday, 8 December 2017, the mother brought the boy to my office from school with a test result indicating PCV of 20% and Hb of 9.8 mmol/L. The greatest wonder is that since 21 January 2016 till date, the boy has experienced only two crises compared to the monthly and sometimes biweekly crises he used to have.
Please see pictures of Mighty Ray as he came back from school on Friday (8th December 2017).

Report from Kenya (2017) by Monica Atieno Omondi
Since April 2016, thirty-eight cases of SCD have been treated with SR Sickle cell. Their age at intake ranges from 4 months to 18 years old. The main complaints that are being reported are yellow discoloration of the eyes, joint pains, general weakness, oedema of the legs and ascites. Many patients feel very hot before the start of the treatment. The typical story is that they have crises very regularly and are often brought to the hospital, where they would get painkillers or blood transfusion. Some were so weak that they had to be carried to come for consultation. Others were ill so often that they stopped going to school. In many cases, a ‘sickler’ in the family causes a lot of strain on the parents and their finances.

It is important to state that gathering data in Africa is not an easy job. The below data are far from complete but nevertheless very impressive considering the effects reported and measured.

To complete their data, all patients who had not come for follow-up were contacted. In total, there are follow-up data available of 34 patients. The follow-ups show that most symptoms completely disappear after a few weeks of treatment. Joint pains and yellow discoloration of the eyes can remain, but with a much lesser extent. Measured on a visual analogue scale, all symptoms are reduced by 75% or more.

The most objective parameter though is the level of haemoglobin. For children a normal haemoglobin level ranges from 11 to 16 g/dL, and the average level in this group at intake was 4.33 g/dL, while after treatment the average raised to 8.15 g/dL
Although still below the norm, the raise is impressive and statistically significant, but more importantly personally significant as it means a child is free from symptoms.

None of the patients who kept using  SR Sickle cell needed to return to hospital for sickle cell crisis. As a consequence, many had no longer tested their blood for haemoglobin; so, we do not have follow-up levels

(Allow me to try and explain this chart in case figures phase you. What it’s saying is that almost all the symptoms improved by between 90% to 100% – completely better, the yellow eyes improved only 75%, and the haemoglobin doubled which is excellent).

The science aspect of this chart and the evidence above.

In modern medical scientific parlance this would count as possibly a pilot study, which would need to be verified by more scientific studies and published in peer reviewed journals. It’s an especially complicated process and when it involves something very new or controversial and then it needs a lot more effort to authenticate the research. It has to be done by bone fide qualified medical researchers attached to medical institution, and published in peer reviewed recognised medical science journals. And it needs funding, like millions of dollars. From our experience of trying to get this to happen for HIV over a decade, we think it’s a near impossibility, and very unlikely to happen because of the enormous resistances to the verification of homeopathic medicine and its mechanisms of action. Is a huge chasm to cross and it could take decades and it might not happen for much longer than that. So if you want to wait for the in depth scientific evidence, that’s a long wait. The evidence collection above took 3 years already.

Please note. The evidence above is one of the steppingstones I’ve been involved in, in creating this new extra help for sickle-cell. It’s not the final thing that I’ve evolved. But it indicates the possibilities.


Some videos showing results of using PC (Peter Chappell) resonances for sickle cell:


In 2019 After impressive results with a visitor to one of our doctors using our resonances, We have had very good results from Guinea and a clinic has been established there specifically to treat Sickle Cell using the resonance.

The Informal Visit Report is this

We treated something like 500 people in one week.
The sickle cell treatment went really well.
It worked in something like 15 minutes in 50% or more of the children.
Their pains went.
We kept them in the clinic so we could observe them.
We were very impressed with the speed of recovery.
The key thing is that their eyes starts shining, and the pain reduces or goes, something that was previously continuous that they put up with.
It ‘surprises them’ it’s one of the main responses  -surprise.
One lady of 30 years who had had the pain for weeks, it went in one hour.