Peter Chappell

Peter has been working for 60 years, For the first decade and a half of his working life he  was a Research and Development engineer. Inventing was his thing and by age 26 he had his name on 3 patents. He also managed to solve some almost impossible equations using analogue and early digital computers combined while at Cambridge University.


Peter Chappell Homeopath
In the days when homeopathy was popular, this appeared in Daily Telegraph along with a full page spread, likewise Daily Express etc.

He trained as a homeopath by Thomas Maughan, then Vasilis Ghegas, George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran. For 40 years he has been a homeopath, and for the last 18 years he has specialised in the application of source resonances that he ‘invented’. He now considers himself a source resonance facilitator. He is the author/co-author of five books, two that track his journey in homeopathy and onto resonances. His earlier and most popular book is Emotional Healing with Homeopathy intended for self help, which is still in print after decades.




Summer School after 1 year of monthly training sessions Croatia

Peter also helped organise the teaching and practice of modern classical homeopathy internationally, including setting up the Society of Homeopaths in the UK. During the 1990s. He organised/directed training programmes on a not for profit basis, with teams of homeopaths and ran master classes and teaching clinics in many diverse countries and cultures, for example, Beirut in Lebanon, Cairo in Egypt, Honduras, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Novi Sad and Belgrade in Serbia, Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic, Bucharest in Romania (including an ongoing clinical program offering treatment for free in twelve orphanages housing thousands of children), Sofia in Bulgaria, Bratislava in Slovakia, Budapest in Hungary, Malta, Alchopa, Nicaragua, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, etc. By this method he helped set up professions of homeopathy in countries where often it didn’t exist. Many thousands of homeopaths have been trained and the training continues to this day, and many people have likewise benefited as patients.

His book Emotional Healing with Homeopathy is based partly upon his experiences in many countries, as well as his London Clinic, and many people have trained to become homeopaths after reading it. It has been translated into many languages and has been in print now for over 20 years.


Amma travels the world giving hugs. This awakened in Peter a passion to help Africans with HIV/AIDS. His life changed dramatically.

In 2000 Peter discovered that his burning, overwhelming, heart-felt passion was to do something about HIV in Africa, after a hug from Amma.

No HIV/AIDS drugs were reaching Africa at this point and millions were dying of HIV/AIDS. This became the sole purpose of his life at this time and he set about achieving it. He quit his London practice, borrowed money off his property and went to work in Ethiopia in October 2001. Then began a whole new chapter of his life, leading to the creation of source resonances.



Once Peter realised that there was nothing he could or wanted to do but work on HIV/AIDS in Africa, he left his resistances behind him (it took a year) and went to a clinic in Ethiopia and started treating HIV/AIDS patients. It was fraught with many difficulties, like the strong taboo on having HIV/AIDS, but after some months he had seventy patients. His intention though was to find one specific homeopathic remedy for HIV/AIDS which would make it possible to treat all HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. Despite having all the latest information, best software etc he could not find a convincing remedy in the existing materia medica of homeopathic medicine.

The young woman in this picture in her early 20s, is dying of AIDS as is her daughter. Her husband has already died. This is typical of the situation he discovered in Ethiopia and it was almost a decade before the antiretroviral drugs came to Africa (primarily because drug companies wouldn’t reduce the price to what it cost to make them so millions died).

Having no other realistic or practical idea how to find this remedy, he turned to ‘inventing’ one. This was the idea was to imprint the essence of the disease into a bottle, to reverse engineer the usual process of preparing homeopathic remedies. Actually imprinting information into water is easy. It’s the basis of homeopathic pharmacy. Its done routinely every day. So, developing this concept, he decided then, in Ethiopia, to create a remedy for HIV/AIDS based on resonance to the disease totality gathered from his first 70 cases. The method is discussed in greater depth in the book ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’. Source Resonances were born.

Results with HIV were incredible. People bounced back to health and ability to work in weeks, and effects lasted years.

When the source resonance was ready, he explained to his patients, who had been receiving  regular homeopathic treatment with mixed results that he had a second option they could try if they wanted to.He tried it on those who agreed and soon they started coming back in to report. One morning five people returned and ALL were REALLY better.He was stunned, could hardly believe it and felt that history was being made. More also came to be treated. This in itself was feedback as good news spreads quickly. Less severely ill people of all ages (who could still walk) improved in two weeks. Really sick people also got off their beds and started improving, it just took longer. Slowly it became clear that practically everyone improved.  It has worked and worked for decades now. In the beginning his colleagues only got to believe it by trying it. Nothing else but direct experience bridged the belief gap.

walking to work in Liviri Malawi

The best verification for Source Resonances is whether they help people or not. This is the era of evidence-based medicine. The answer is that many tens of thousands of people who have recovered with such certainty that he never recorded a failure of the HIV resonance within the traditional cultures in Africa. That is a small miracle in itself and was a strong realisation for him. For the first time in his life he had a remedy that always worked, and if it did not seem to work  then there is always an valid explanation like wrong diagnosis, not taking it, starvation, so hungry yet penny-less so they could not stand the hunger that was part of recovery, or continuous re-infection. But proof that would satisfy the scientific community has eluded us despite strenuous efforts, because scientists are not open-minded enough to consider researching what we do, and funding organisations likewise. We’ve approached many and all the obvious ones.

Other Infectious diseases in Africa

We created a charitable foundation and this is the present team (the African teams we support are missing here!) that have supported African health workers in widely implementing Malaria and HIV treatment for 100,000s of children especially.


The same process Peter used to create the HIV/AIDS resonance can be used for many other epidemic diseases. Gradually a great quantity of successful cases have been gathered for a wide variety of diseases, and this has become a significant body of evidence proving the principles and practice of this approach and the effectiveness of the resonances in traditional cultures in Africa (see for details). As with HIV, the experience with malaria, another huge epidemic in Africa is close to 100 percent within this population group. And its prophylactic too.




End of Trauma workshop in Kigali Rwanda

Treating Trauma started in Rwanda when Peter was asked to treat genocide victims with HIV, where results were overnight and remarkable. People recovered from 10+ years in acute trauma. This experience has been repeated in refugees camps etc around the world. 5000 people were treated in one camp alone -see videos.


Man clubbed and assumed dead




During the genocide in Rwanda this man was hit on the head with the club which  knocked him out and left him for dead. So he wasn’t killed like  90% of the others. He had constant headaches as you would with a distorted skull, and he had lost sight in the eye on the side he was hit with the club. His pupil was white. I  treated him to genocide trauma and within 10 days his headaches had gone, all his other symptoms cleared up, and his eyesight was returning. This was 10 1/2 years after the event.


This man lost his large family except one daughter. He had yearly HBP.

This man had another remarkable story. He was a businessman and owned a toothpaste factory. He lost his wife and all his six children but one, in the genocide. He was frantic originally because he wanted to find his remaining daughter which he did after 1 1/2 years. He was then overjoyed with relief. But he internalised the trauma and around the anniversary of the genocide he had heart problems and high blood pressure each year. Peter treated him for the trauma, and he got a lot better.

What is important in this case shows the relationship between trauma and chronic disease like high blood pressure. It demonstrates one of the forming forces of all chronic diseases.


In chronic diseases in the west, our first approach was to make and use a disease-specific resonance to be used within an individual treatment context. Although this approach can be used with effect, due to many factors involved the results were less consistent than with infectious diseases.

In 2014 Peter teamed up with Leilani van Koten and we revisited the application of this source resonance approach to chronic diseases and made some startling new discoveries. We discovered that the origins of chronic diseases are best understood through the concepts behind the emerging scientific area of epigenetics, neuro sciences, survival instincts, trauma, toxins, gut brain etc, as well as from homeopathy (miasms etc). From this we unfolded a more complete system of treating chronic diseases in the West we called the TIPPS system. It is a systematic and holistic way of treating Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological traumas (TIPPs) in the individual’s life and their family history.


Cover Picture of HIV Resonance from Emoto’s Lab.

We also had some clinical confirmations: a crystal test in Emoto’s HADO-life lab in Europe, resulted in a high quantity of well-formed crystals, suggesting that the HIV resonance contains information.





We tested 7 executives listening to ‘Absolute Quiet’ Resonance in double blind test in fMRI machine in Prague Military Hospital. It showed a good effect.



Tests in an fMRI machine in an army hospital showed that the ‘ absolute quiet’ (audio) resonance induced deep quiet on a group of business people. Olympic level athletes were shown to improve performance 1% (highly significant), using audio resonances. An athlete’s recovery from chronic Achilles heel injury was speeded up significantly, a month of recovery reduced to 10 minutes, using an audio resonance, demonstrated in a biomechanics research laboratory. As were psychological traits like hesitation reduced – he is a different man on the ice says his coach.



Listening to resonances in Kenya Clinic

People in Africa with malaria, AIDS, trauma etc likewise improved with audio resonances, just the same as with liquids. Notice the women in this picture are listening to sounds.




Blind Woman with AIDS regains sight using audios. I can SEE she exclaims



This woman story was a bit remarkable. She came into the clinic assisted by somebody else. She was blind and she had AIDS and she was on antiretroviral drugs, and she was obviously dying, because the drugs has stopped working and in Africa it’s frequently that there are no second string drugs in the situations like this. We put the earphones on her to treat AIDS and within minutes she called out ‘I can see’. The whole clinic came to a standstill! She continued to improve day by day using sounds only. It is our experience that the resonance for AIDS is still the best treatment for HIV/AIDS and it helps the antiretroviral drugs work. It’s a very win-win situation;  even when the antiretroviral drugs are failing, it still helps a lot. In this particular situation my guess is that she was blind from the side effects of the antiretroviral drugs.


Peter created the LEAP  program  (Learning Enhancement Africa Program) in Africa in 2015. It is used in schools and it is a set of 3 audios they play to the whole class each morning for one minute each. The first one is to protect and treat infectious diseases, the second one is to treat trauma, in the third one is to enhance learning. It definitely makes some marked improvement, because for one point they are likely to get to school because there not sick, they can concentrate better because they’re not in trauma, and they can pay attention and learn better. The absenteeism rate year on year has dropped about twothirds for 18 schools on average.


Peter has made one more leap forwards. He has moved forwards to working only with source resonances. In particular at the moment supporting people with sickle cell to live life better. It’s a new way  using sounds, selected intelligently, to boost life energy by reconnecting to the source of all life itself.

And the link to Malaria is important.–link-to-Malaria/3476990-4689604-117hs6u/index.html

Shows that a genetic mutation caused sickle cell to mutate. Which is why malaria resonance is an important part of what we offer as extra help with sickle cell.