What are Source Resonances

Source Resonances are one minute long sounds, audio tracks, that are the sound of sea waves breaking on the seashore, containing energetic patterns that connect our immune systems (the part that mends us) to deeper level information that allows and helps the immune system do its job better, to give extra help for a particular disease. They have been used successfully by 100,000’s of people with a wide range of diseases and traumas. They are made by a new process originally for treating HIV/AIDS and from this success has been extended to use with other diseases.

Are there any side effects from your sickle cell help?

Essentially the answer is no. Because what we are doing is stimulating natural processes within the body to work. We are not changing the chemistry, or using toxic drugs, or anything like that. We are using sounds you listen to.

What does your initial fee include?

It includes 3 months supervised use of resonances to be sure that the extra help for sickle cell is properly carried out, that it is correctly managed and monitored. You may require further support over the years which is charged according to time used.

Can I just buy the SR Sickle cell resonance for myself and use it myself?

What I am offering is a support  to help you suffer less. It’s support tailor-made to you and this requires more skills than self-help. The evidence from Africa might indicate to you that it is just simple self-help, but that is not my experience of using the same concepts in the west. Otherwise I wouldn’t be offering this support.

What about the future?

Sickle cell is for life so if this helps you, you will want reliable long term access to the source resonances that help you.

In the next decade I hope to train a lot of medically trained and other people and then there will be general access to this new way of supporting people living with sickle-cell. I’m guessing there’s many millions of people with sickle-cell on this planet so it’s quite a process that is being started here. Fortunately, with the internet, video training etc this can be implemented relatively quickly.

I also imagine creating a not for profit foundation which takes over maintaining this work. I am open to ideas about this.